Monday, March 31, 2014

The Supervisor

This happened the other day:

Other than the talking part, but I know what his meows mean....

Then last night, I'm watching TV and I look over into my bathroom, and I see this.  I have no idea what it means, but I am pretty sure it is an intimidation tactic.

Friday, March 28, 2014


It is a special day here on Cheeseblarg....

Which is more like...

I got a cat on Tuesday from our Humane Society.
 His name is Señor Stevie Nicks. 
This is what he would look like if he were an astronaut.

So now you can look forward to comics about cats. 
*blows noise maker*

*startles cat*

So far his favorites are meowing and sitting on my head.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cheeseblarg's Anti-Upskirt Undies!

I came up with the perfect solution to Massachusetts' "Upskirt" problem.

Cheeseblarg's Anti-upskirt Undies feature a copyrighted image on the crotch of your panties and comes in
many different designs. Anytime these images are uploaded to the internet, Cheeseblarg will sue the upskirt uploader on your behalf to keep your undies off the internet!

* Two Can Play At This Game can be fitted in a tiny spy cam to see who is spying on your stuff.

If your government won't protect your undies from perverts, Cheeseblarg will protect them from copyright violations!

Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Better Than Candy Crush Invites

I seriously cannot understand these recent games on Facebook where you punish people for responding to your posts. Seriously, have these people never studied applied psychology?!

In case you have blissfully missed it, there are "games" going around on facebook where someone says something freaky, and then when people comment (and sometimes even LIKE it) the original poster messages them and tells them they were tricked and now have to trick other people. I have refused every one of them like the party pooper I am.

When I post weird, or funny, or outrageous things on social media, it is because I WANT PEOPLE TO INTERACT WITH ME. It makes no sense to train people to avoid interacting with you, because every time they do, you try to force them to make a post about how they managed to get out of a ticket by buying used sex toys and having a sex change operation, while screaming 10 inches and solving a riddle as a giraffe.

But I promise, if I say something freaky, it is because I am freaky... I am totally not trying to trick you.

And you'll see I used my facebook friends to make this image (click to biggify if you can't see it). Several of them answered me having missed my post telling them it was coming. I love my funny friends.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cheeseblarg on Global Warming

I was rage forced to do this comic because of Facebook posts by an old schoolmate who repeatedly posts weather reports about polar vortexes and snow and then adds the oh-so-witty "Global warming strikes again!" or something similar that reads as, "Yada, yada, I don't understand science!"

It's okay if you don't understand science. It is not a crime... and neither is talking about science when you don't understand it, by poorly quoting other people who don't understand it either... unfortunately.

It would be super awesome if people didn't talk about science when they don't understand it, for the sanity of people who do and so as to not infect more people with idiot ideas, but alas, there are scientific studies that say that when people are really bad at things, they are unaware of the deficiency (which is why I always thought I did really awesome on all of my algebra tests in college when I failed most of them*), so my request is really likely to fall of deaf ears through the fault of our silly monkey brains.

*-I was a late algebra bloomer - after I started substitute teaching, I used the teacher's guide and worked backwards until I finally understood it all.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Valentine's 2014: Handyman's Valentines

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rosetta Stone for Goats

click the comic to biggify

My husband was gifted a copy of Rosetta Stone during the holidays. He asked me to help him install it. My instructions were: Put the disk in the computer. Follow the instructions. Don't eat the disk.
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