Friday, September 28, 2012

Jodee-san Learns Japanese

I am learning Kana while hanging out with my friend for my annual birthday trip.  Kana, for those of you who are not the sort of person who has all the written languages of the world memorized, is what part of the Japanese written language is called.  It breaks down to Hirigana and Katakana, both of which I am currently trying to learn.

As usual, I end up sounding like I have Tourrette's while attempting to read out loud.

I went to Japan when I was 3.  I don't remember much but toys and big silver and glass buildings, and lots of neon.  My mother informs me that I threw up in my father's pocket while in a Teppanyaki restaurant, before I freaked out screaming, terrified of knife throwing ninja chefs. I can't be sure that the same wouldn't happen if I manage to get back there, but I would love to go!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is Part of a Complete Breakfast

I bought a box of FrankenBerry cereal last night. It is a compulsory Halloween Time purchase. My friend asked me what it tasted like (because apparently the pink box and "berry" in the name didn't give it away) and my response was "AWFUL. It tastes awful."

"If it tastes awful, why did you get it?"

"Uh, because it is FrankenBerry..."

"Are you going to eat it?"


"But you said it tastes awful..."

"And it does... but I like some things that taste awful."

And I do.  I have a soft spot in my nom-hole for things that taste like artificial strawberry.  And cereal marshmallows.  I will eat almost anything as long as it has crispy fake marshmallows in it.

Many years ago, I created a Monster Cereal painting for an art show I was in. I tried to sell it for a whole lot of money but no one wanted to buy it, which is usually the case with my art. It is still for sale, just sayin'.

Part of a Complete Breakfast (2009)
Acrylic on canvas - about 2'x3'- $1200 obo

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Popcorn Paradox

It is bizarre to me, that the same substance can produce one of the best AND one of the worst smells in the entire universe.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Tragic Tale of Carlos and Mari

(there is a video here, RSS subscribers)

I used to have two Siberian dwarf hamsters just like these when I was in college. My boyfriend and I bought them together. It was his idea and when we broke up, not long after we bought them, I retained custody of them. They were named Carlos and Mari. They were both very cute but they met bad ends.

Carlos died during winter break while being watched by my sister, and is buried behind the dorm I lived in at the time. I paid my friend to clean out the cage and bury him for me, because he had been dead a while apparently, before I had been made aware of his demise. We used a spork to mark his grave.

Mari had a stroke sometime the next semester, I think (though I am not veterinarian), and I released her into the wild to enjoy her freedom as an act of kindness, and also because seeing her dragging herself around her cage in circles made me sad. My family likes to tell me that she was probably promptly eaten by a hawk the moment I set her free.

This is part and parcel to why I don't own pets anymore and why I don't think having children is a good idea for me either.
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