Magical Cheeseblarg Stickers

I like stickers. Many awesome people do.  In order to make money and to share the tacky joy of Cheeseblarg, you can buy stickers here.  Some are limited edition, some are available all the time, and you are welcome to request stickers if you actually want to buy them (which you can do by leaving a comment on a post, or sending me an email at cheeseblarg at live dot com).

At this point, all of the stickers are made by me, by hand, and cut out by hand, using my handy dandy sticker machine, which means they are all just a little different. Unless otherwise indicated, they are printed on matte paper (meaning they are paper, and they are not shiny).  If anyone would like to offer their professional die-cut sticker making facilities to me, that would be awesome too.

The price of the sticker includes first class shipping. If you are out of the US, please use the international sticker option for the first sticker and the US price for any addition sticker in the same shipment... and as always, you can choose to pay more than the base price if you would like to contribute to my fund to buy bacon and candy and medicine to keep my husband alive.

Limited Edition Stickers

May- No longer for sale
June- No longer for sale
July - No longer for sale

August Squeaker- No longer for sale

September- T-rex Wants Ice Cream- No longer for sale

October Stickers- Vampire Narwhal and Frankenllama- No longer for sale

November Sticker- Tom Llama- No longer for sale

December Sticker- Narwhal Ornament
To purchase, go HERE

Open Edition Stickers

(huh? Open edition is a fancy term for "I'll offer as many as I feel like!")

Narwhal Detective Agency Sticker (3 x 4 inches) - $2

Narwhal - Price Options (choose before clicking "buy me")

Shark Week Sticker (3.5 x 3 inch) - $2

Shark Week -Price Options (choose before clicking "buy me")

It's a Dog Sticker (3 x 2.5 inches) $1.50

It's a Dog- Price Options (choose before clicking "buy me")

R2-D2 <3 (3.5 x 3 inches) $2

R2D2- Price Options (choose before clicking "buy me")

Grammar Punk (2.75 inches) $1.50

Grammar Punk- Price Options (choose before clicking "buy me")

* Stickers have no magical powers.

1 comment:

  1. I really love the Thanksgiving Llama, perfect for this time of year, sad to see it isn't for sale anymore. But the Llama during shark week is cute!


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